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Testimonials - What Our Clients Say

Many of our traders are taking regular, steady stress-free profits from the betting market

Here is what a few of them have to say about BettorTrader...

Please note: None of our members receive any benefits by providing testimonials. We have many more on file that we have yet to publish. They are all genuine comments 'warts and all' as one has put it and that is exactly what we ask for when we ask for some comments from them.

Many of our members are happy to chat and all testimonials are independently verified to be true and correct. The testimonials are not any particular order but if people do not feel the same way they did when they wrote it, they would have us remove them and we would not want them to be on there.

Please do not misunderstand - there are failures as with any business. If you have any questions regarding them, feel free to get in touch as we are more than happy to discuss them. Apologies for some of the inconsistent formatting below as a few of the following have been cut and pasted directly from emails. Some surnames have been withheld by request.

2015 Survey

229 members have come on board with Bettortrader since we began our subscriptions in August 2012. Rather than ask for testimonials in the traditional sense, we instead asked them four simple questions.

To qualify, they had to have been subscribing for a minimum of 6mths and completed at least two months of training. We also asked those who stopped their subscription at any time to better understand the reasons why they didn't continue and share their insights with our potential customers.To separate them from our usual testimonials, we have added 'June 2015 Survey' at the end of each reply.

Please note: We strongly suggest that you take all testimonials with a grain of salt. We only bother to put them up because consumers expect to see them but it shouldn't be the main reason for buying. Our software is affordable, we do not make silly guarantees of future returns and the only way you will ever truly know if it works for you is if you try it. That's the number one reason for our subscriptions.

The questions were  -

Why did you choose Bettortrader? How long have you been a member? Why do you continue with your subscription? If no longer subscribing, why did you stop?

I chose Bettortrader after being invited to the office in 2011 for a demonstration. I don't live too far away so it was easier to just go see them in person. Kevin was also a customer of mine in the pet shop I ran. My 'financial advisor' wouldn't let me spend 5 grand on it so I never bought it back then but I got a email from them early in 2013 about the subscriptions which I thought was a good idea. I've been on and off with it since because my macadamia business is seasonal so I only do it from Spring to late summer which is the best time for bettortrader anyway. I always come back to it because I like it and I make a few dollars.

Ray - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

Why did I pick Bettortrader. Because it didn't cost a lot and I like how the business operates. I continue because I like it and it's giving me good results. I've been doing it for nearly 12mths.

Brian O'Leary - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

I met Kevin and quite a few of his customers when he sponsored a race day at Lismore. Some of his customers came from interstate and a couple even came over from New Zealand so it was obvious how much they appreciated him and his business. I took up a local offer when they had a live viewing at the track in 2012.

I could see merit in the software but to be honest I found it quite boring. I'm not that serious about punting and already run a busy tyre fitting business in the heart of town so I just never had the time for it or for the training and I gave up on it pretty quick. I like to have a have a few beers at the local and just have a bit of fun so it was never right for me.  I've put a few blokes onto it since they started the subscriptions and I know some of them love it and make money but also couple that haven't done so well.

The ones that haven't done well and probably more like me a recreational punter  and they told me they just punted with it. So I reckon if you do want to give it a go you have to be disciplined and do some training and  treat it more like a business. My wife was also pretty deadset against it and didn't like me spending the time on it so it was never going to work for me but I'll probably come back to it one day.

Tim - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

I chose it because I got to see them perform live on course at Grafton and Ballina over a few years. I was also able to visit their office in Ballina a few times before they closed it in 2012. I was probably what you call a tyre kicker for a long time until I decided to take the plunge in 2013. The new subscriptions got me over the line to be honest because I wasn't prepared to spend thousands to find out if it was any good and when I first looked it was $5490. I bought the Lifetime membership after a few months because I got more than satisfactory results but I do suggest to my friends that they subscribe for a while first to make sure it's right for them.  

Gary Porter - Wardell (June 1015 Survey)

I first looked at Bettortrader on course at Grafton during the Grafton Cup carnival in 2009. They were heavy sponsors at the track for a number of years and had a great presence. I'd seen and heard about plenty of these kinds of systems and was a long time user of Racemate but Bettortrader really grabbed my attention.

I spent two days looking at the software and chatting with Kevin and his staff. They were running the software live with a big screen set up and I've never been so impressed by the guts they showed by running it live in front of 10,000 people over two days and they showed good results too. There were a lot of pro punters talking about them that day and not nicely either because Bettorytrader probably follows their bets. I saw them again in 2010 and this time the commentators were doing late mail using the Bettortrader software. After sitting on the fence for a few years I bought a subscription and now I've stuck with it for 18months.

For the money, you will never get a better software and you certainly won't get the help for any price that I've ever seen. It might not be for everyone and they never suggest that they have the Holy Grail but it is affordable and well worth a shot.

Robert Brown - Ballina (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader because it's the best software in Australia in my opinion and it's run by one of the nicest, most honest and most knowledgeable blokes I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

He didn't blow hot air about all the riches I can make but instead told me about all the things that can go wrong.

I've been running it manually and on auto using Betlogic for a couple of years. I can adjust  the settings to my liking and for me it works well. I continue because it makes me more money than my 9 - 5 job, sometimes on Saturday alone. I retire in two years and then I'll be doing it full time. I love it!

Terry McCall - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

Why did you choose Bettortrader? Every box was ticked for me. Lots of helpful information on the website, they didn't hound me like another lot were at the time, they had payment options that instilled confidence and had been around a long time with lots of history and yes I read all the rubbish online and I chose not to pay attention. It all stinks of sour grapes and commercial gripes if you ask me.  

They aren't asking for $10,000 upfront or making pie in the sky promises, so none of the online garbage made sense to me. A year later now we couldn't be happier. The new software sounds amazing too and we're both very excited about it.

Neil H - VIC (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader was my choice because it looked good and it wasn't expensive to have a try. I didn't continue because I was in too much of a rush to make it work and started live trading in the first week. I know you warned me but I did it anyway. I didn't think that there would be that much to it and figured I'd be able to jump right in. Things are good and I'm working full time but I don't think I'll come back to it again because I'm too impulsive.

Name withheld - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader is a great tool to help make some outstanding decisions that I could never make by looking at the form. It's simple to use with plenty of useful features and the education is excellent. I have been an avid punter for twenty years so I first questioned Kevin's knowledge but he has taught me more than a thing or two about how to analyse the money market. I stay with it because I love it.

Brian M - SA (June 2015 Survey)

I found Bettortrader and it looked good and I could afford the subscription so I gave it a go. That's about it really. I consider them to be professional and passionate about their business. Unfortunately I have a long history of being a bad punter and I thought maybe Bettortrader would turn that around. My punting habits creeped in and cost me a lot. I still tell people about it and have no complaints at all but yeah you need to keep a clear head otherwise it's just not worth it for me anyway.

Kevin B - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

I bought a 3mth Bettortrader subscription after watching Youtube videos. I was really impressed that this guy did live trading webinars to help his customers make money and had the guts to do something like that live. I stayed with it for six months but I couldn't make it work on my own so I cancelled my subscription. I do thank Kevin very much for the time he gave me and all the extra help he gave me because he really did work hard to try and turn me around but my heart wasn't in it and I just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

Matthew Coddington - QLD (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader after a few years of being called every now and then by other companies and I shopped around. I signed up because I liked the way they do business and it sounded like a great idea. I was very cautious so the subscriptions appealed to me. It's been just over a year and I will keep going because it's working for me. If you do give it a try, make sure you  do your training first and listen to what they tell you.

Peter Hawkes - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader because it's affordable and looked like a brilliant piece of software backed up by support that the big corporations would do well to learn from. Been with it for 12 months and continuing because I love it, my wife loves it and my back pocket loves it.

Michael Rossi  - QLD (June 2015 Survey)

Why BT - cheaper than the rest, better than the rest, more honest than the rest. How long - 18 months. Why continue - that's a silly question...... $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anthony Keirnan - VIC (June 2015 Survey)

Why Bettortrader? No BS, no pressure, great software, plenty of nice features, honest conduct and plenty of history. How long have I done it? 2yrs. Why do I keep going? When I try and tell others the answer to this question they look at me like I must be getting paid to say it. I continue because I have never in my life seen so many big priced winners get.

Barry Maskey - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

I liked how Bettortrader was presented. There's no big dollar signs or flashy cars on the website which really turns me off and no big rave about financial freedom. The website was very informative. I started in June 2013 and I was doing ok but I had to stop in March 2014 due to my husband falling ill and I am now his full time carer. I started again in January 2015 with some new automatic settings which is working ok on a small bank and I still do a bit myself when I can so I'm staying with it.

Maryanne Cassar - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader is simply the best market tracking software available. The knowledge that comes with it is paramount to the success of so many Bettortrader customers including myself. I am a full time forex trader and stay at home father, so I enjoy looking for further opportunities that I can run from home. Bettortrader ticked that box and many others. I've been a member for 10mths. I will continue for as long as it keeps giving me good returns.

Warren Cattell - WA (June 2015 Survey)

As a semi professional punter, I'm probably not going to fit into the same category as those who buy this type of thing solely to try and make an income with no interest in racing. I chose Bettortrader for one reason - the knowledge that Kevin Riddell has regarding market is staggering. The software is a fantastic tool, well built, error free and works well. I enjoy the rating system,  black booking and other features and I'm really looking forward to the new software. It's been almost 3yrs now and I continue because it aids me greatly with my final selections. As they say, money talks. My only gripe is that I now live in the UK and it doesn't look at the markets here and I have to get up at 2am to do the Aussie races but it's worth the effort.

Steve Briguglio  - (June 2015 Survey)

I looked at many others but I was always deterred by the price and the promises that just seemed too good to be true. When I read the Bettortrader website, I found it to be informative and went the extra mile to protect the buyer all the way from the information provided to the payment structure. I've been enjoying Bettortrader for 14mths and continue to do so because of many factors. It works well, the training and support is phenomenal, I make good money from it and it's easy and fun to use.

Darren W - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

I chose BT because of transparency , trust and affordability. They're a long running business, have a very informative website, don't sell based on dreamy stuff but present all the facts and plenty of warnings as to the risks. Coupled with that are the subscriptions which means that you don't have to part with thousands of dollars to see if works for you. It's a win/win situation. I've been running it for 18mths and continue because it works. I only use it for 6hrs each week on Friday night and Saturday and still make good money.

Alice Chatham - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

I chose bettortrader after looking at a lot of other similar services for more than 5yrs. I dont know why but I get bombarded by this kind of thing in the mail and on my phone but I never heard of bettor-trader unti I found them online when I was trying to find out some stuff about another one. I couldn't believe the difference in every single  way  from the way they gave all the info, to the massive difference in price and letting their customers try it for minimal costs. I had become so used to hearing the prices being $10000 or more so I was quite literally shocked. I subscribed in August 2014 and paid out the lifetime membership a few months ago because I made the money to pay for it in one week. I continue because it's amazing.

Alberto F - Italy (June 2015 Survey)

I chose bettor trader because they are honest, they showed me a demo and told me everything I could possibly need to know.  They offer reasonable start up costs and they never pressured me once. They left me alone to make up my mind and a couple of months later I signed up through their website. That was 10mths ago and I keep going because it works well for me. I live in Asia for most of the year and have it installed on a VPS so I can access it from anywhere.

Eric Dulan - (June 2015 Survey)

Everything just felt right. No pressure, no asking personal stuff about what I want from life like one mob I spoke to selling the whole investment lifestyle crap and it didn't cost me a year of mortgage repayments to try it out. I first started in November 2012 but quit in early 2013 due to being posted overseas. I didn't really give it a good go but when I got back in March 2014 I subscribed again and haven't turned back. It's easy to use and I make pretty good money.

Les M - WA (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader because I wanted to see if these things actually work and it was the only affordable one out there. I turned many others down over the years because of their ridiculous price tags and high pressure salesmen  and none of them would put their money where their mouth is by giving me a trial or let me pay it off. I'm a sceptical old punter and pretty much thought all these things were just scams and called anyone who bought them idiots. I got more calls and brochures than I can poke a stick at. I've been using it for almost two years and I absolutely love it. I tell others about some of the winners I pick up and I get the same look I would have given them two years ago. I will say though, it took me a bit to get my head around it. As an old punter, some of the ideas behind Kevins methods didn't sit well with me at first so I did my own thing and fell on my arse after a couple of months. I was going to quit but thought maybe I should do some proper training and I'm glad that I did.

Stewart Bender - SA (June 2015 Survey)

My wife and I run Bettortrader together. We finally decided to go with it after  our demonstration with Kevin Riddell. We've also been following the Facebook page for several years and we contacted one of their customers who posted something on Facebook and he gave us a great review.  We've been going for a year now and loving it although my wife runs it more than I do now because I've got a bit of a hot head. If it was just me I would have stopped a long time ago but she does very well with it so we will probably buy it out soon to save money on subscriptions.

L & K Barlow - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader after being referred by a work colleague. He was a lifetime customer and has been with them since 2007. He would often mention what he does and we would all tell him he's mad. I have owned horses and been involved with racing for 40yrs and I've seen and heard my fair share of rubbish. A couple of years ago, he had his 60th and invited a few of us to his house for a BBQ. While we were there, he gave us a look at Bettortrader and made an easy $800 or so for his birthday. I was quite impressed - cautious but impressed. I called and spoke to Kevin for an hour and was equally impressed with his knowledge so I signed up the next day for the suggested 3mth package. I continue on for one simple reason and that is that I'm making money with it.

J Pattillo - QLD (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader after a few negative experiences with other companies. I did see it when I was chatting to those companies too but when I mentioned Bettortrader one of them didn't have very nice things to say and told me they are just a scam gambling service. I told them couldn't afford  $11000 and Bettortrader then was only $4990 so they offered me a half price deal but after a year I lost more than $20,000 and they were not helpful at all. I called Bettortrader and signed up for the 3mth subscription in March 2014 and I haven't turned back. They're helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, affordable and the system works well. 

R Neilsen - VIC (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader because it looked good and it was cheap to try it out. I've been a member for two years. I continue because the training and support has been wonderful and they've helped me make good profits.

G McGregor - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

I looked around after getting my fingers burnt a few years ago by a company in [name and location withheld]. I searched Google for Bettordata and Bettortrader came up. I actually wanted to speak with Bettordata about the company that ripped me off so it was a bit of a fluke that I ended up on the Bettortrader website. I spent many months coming back to their site, reading all the blogs and other stuff on Facebook and Twitter. Their subscriptions sealed the deal because I wasn't ever going to pay thousands up front again for anything. I've been going for a year now and I will continue on for as long as I'm making money.

Wayne Lloyd - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader was an easy choice for me. Where others seem to want thousands up front, they let you have a shot at it with subscriptions to make sure you feel confident with it. There was no pressure to buy and they were very direct, open and honest. I've been enjoying it for just over a year since May 2014.I continue because they have helped me turn a profit which is more than I can say for 30yrs of punting before that.

Name withheld - (June 2015 Survey)

I had been looking at Bettortrader for quite a number of years but couldn't afford it when there was no subscription before 2012. When I saw they started the subscriptions I jumped at it. Even before that they were still the most affordable but $5000 was still too much for me. I have been a member since January 2013. I continue my subscription because they are the most helpful people I have ever seen in business and the training they have given me has helped me make enough to keep me happy. They have even helped me with my computer problems and showed me how to use it properly.

Alex M - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader because it was highly professional and transparent. I watched all the youtube videos and had a demo with them. The packages were very flexible and allowed me to give it a try without spending thousands. I was a member for 11months. I cancelled my subscription because it didn't work well for me in my situation. I have small children and run a business from home so I couldn't commit enough time to it. I would miss out on so many opportunities and it became frustrating for me. I'm just too busy with work, kids and sport on the weekends meant I couldn't even do Saturday. I ran automatic for the last 2 months and it was making money but I had a very small bank less than $1000 and the returns were only just paying for my software subscription and the data. I still recommend it and when I can put $2000 in my bank I will come back to it to run auto because it really looked promising.

Rita - NSW (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader was the standout in amongst what seem to be nothing more than dream sellers. Their website was incredibly informative and when I called for a chat they spent more time informing me of all the risks and made sure it was going to be right instead of trying to push it down my throat. I found them to be honest and extremely frank which was refreshing and gave me confidence to go ahead. Their payment options are more than fair and have the customer in mind first.

I have been a Bettortrader member since April 2013 so getting on to about 2 1/2 years now and it's been a pleasure. I'm a long time punter and I do use some of my own methods but I've also learned a lot from Kevin which has helped me immensely. I live in Hong Kong and it also covers the races here and does so well that I once thought about being a distributor for them here.

Why do I continue my subscription - I do not need to subscribe anymore because I actually bought out the software in late 2013 and become a Premium Lifetime Member. At any time, you can purchase the Lifetime Membership and they deduct how much you've paid in subscriptions. I subscribed for 9mths and was more than satisfied with it so I was happy to buy it out and save quite a few dollars in the long term.

Matt O'Brien - HK (June 2015 Survey)

I chose Bettortrader because it was offered in a more reasonable way than the other services I was looking at. I was approached by three different companies from 2010 to early 2012 that wanted between $8000 and $15,000 all with the promise of making $50,000 every year from 'lay betting'.

Early in 2012, one of them offered me finance and it sounded really strange but I was really tempted and close to saying yes, so I did some research online and looked at what else was out there. That's when I found Bettortrader. When I called and spoke to them, they chatted to me about all in the ins and outs of lay betting because I honestly knew nothing at that stage and they pointed out many things that the company selling it didn't tell me.

They happily told me all the risks associated with their service as well and in an hour telephone call, I learned more than in the whole year prior chatting with three other businesses. Bettortrader also provided a much more affordable and safer subscription payment, so there was much less risk and I could stop my subscription at any time if I didn't like it.

I've been a member for two and a half years now. I continue because it's enjoyable, the help I get is fantastic  and I do make a little money. I told them I'm a single parent so I didn't have much to start with in my bank and they actually warned me against becoming a customer which was a real surprise but I went with it anyway. I make enough to pay for my subscription and a few dollars profit each week.

Pete W - NT (June 2015 Survey)

Why Betortrader - The high levels of support and training offered which was very important as I had no experience at all and the affordable packages. I opted for the 3mth packaged because I felt it was the best option to get enough training and give it a really good go. I've been a Betortrader customer for 14 months. I continue because after a slow start and thinking it might not be for me, Kevin really went out of his way to help me and within six months I was starting to make a small profit. I'm doing quite well with it now and will soon have enough bank to run on auto when  I'm at work.

Nick M - NZ (June 2015 Survey)

I chose BT because it was the most straight up service that I could find. No hype about making 100k a year at the push of a button and no exaggerated claims about everyone making money. They call a spade a spade which when it comes to betting services like tipping and other software, is almost unheard of. I've been doing it for a year and continue because if anyone should be shouting how good they are from the rooftops, it's Bettortrader.  I stay with it because some of the results I've had are unheard of.

Ron Thompson - WA (June 2015 Survey)

Bettortrader was the first software I looked at back in 2009. Back then it was $5490 and no other payment options available. Not long after that a sweet talking salesman from another lot convinced me to buy a lay betting software for 10k that ended in misery.

I think it was a smart decision for Bettortrader to change to subscriptions because it shows how confident they are that most will be happy enough to keep going. I'm also glad that they kept the option to pay the lifetime package because after 10mths I decided to take it. I took  the 3mths at first to get all the training and then I subscribed to just the software for 7mths. I did well with trifectas using the Bettortrader Betlogic ratings and thought it would be a better option just to buy it out. They deducted the money I had paid for my subscription and all in all everything they do is very fair. Why do I continue? The same reason anyone does I guess. I make money and if I ever need help I know it will always be there for me.

Darren Hutton - NSW  (June 2015 Survey)

"the money is absolutely spot on"
  Betting was always just a hobby for me but I still spent hours each week studying the form guide and thinking I was better than the average punter. Since starting with this I haven't bothered to look at the form other than to see if there's a reason for some of the big priced winners that I pick up with the software. More often than not though there's nothing in the form but the money is absolutely spot on.

At first I was a bit cocky, not with the software but more to do with not trusting Kevins experience. He says himself that he knows nothing about racing or horses so at first I thought, "what does this guy know that I don't already know? What can he possibly teach me?"

Well as it goes, it turns out that he knows enough to change 40yrs of learned habits and I've come to respect his wealth of knowledge when it comes to following the right money, what markets to bother following and what to leave alone. He has completely changed the way I look at betting markets for the better.

Rod Hellier, SA (July 2015)

"more than enough pocket money to make it all worthwhile"

I was asked to say what I like about Bettortrader and why I bought it.

There were no over-exaggerated claims, no high pressure salesmen, it's a long running business with plenty of history, they provide lots of support and training and its cheap enough to give it a go without risking the house.

I've been with it for 18mths now and it's been good enough to stay with it for the long haul by giving me enough profit to pay for the software and my monthly data subscription plus give me more than enough pocket money to make it all worthwhile.

Brent Pearson, NT

"it has been worth every single penny"

I've been with Bettortrader since late 2006. I came on when there was only one payment option and that was a Lifetime Membership for $5490. Now 9yrs later and I can tell you that it has been worth every single penny and in fact, I would have been happy to pay three times that over the years. During my time I have learned a lot, seen a lot, heard a lot, made a lot, lost a little and all in all had a great time and also a profitable one.

My wife and I have grown quite fond of Kevin, his business and his family and there is a lot to be admired. I have never in my 68years seen a fellow fight so strongly against all odds for what he believes in. The trouble he has had with unsavoury competitors, the business almost going under as a result of their attacks, the abuse he has had from idiots who refuse to do training or use the system how it should be used and yet still he bounces back. Many of us are glad that you do Kevin because you have a great system, a great business model and a big heart and we wish you nothing but the very best in life.

Good luck with the new Spike Hunter system mate. Bettortrader has treated us well but we're also very excited about the new way forward. For those reading this who aren't sure about signing up, don't sit on the fence. You never know until you try and with the subscriptions there is no excuse not to give it a go. It works well for most if you put a little time in to learn it but that's up to you.

Thomas Burgess, NSW

"I don't know how you do it but I'm glad that you do"

Kevin has asked me to share my somewhat lengthy story for the benefit of those considering this market as an investment vehicle. As I told him before giving it a go, I am not a gambler, I don't bet at all and never have done..

I have been dabbling in currency trading for almost 20 years. I run two small businesses in the cleaning industry and my wife and I are partners with another couple in a cafe.

I always receive brochures and get bombarded with emails and telephone calls offering investment opportunities. I put it down to my details being on lists saying that I'm interested in currency trading. Many of them don't really say what type of investment or what markets they trade etc and for a long time I just assumed that they were currency or options trading as there was a big push around 2009 for CFD trading and options.

I ended up committing to two systems between 2009 and 2013. One was a trifecta system called [name removed] which cost me over $20,000 and the other was a combination of a software and a managed fund called [name removed] where they placed bets for me. They thoroughly convinced me with a one month trial during which they asked for $500 for them to trade with to show me how good it is. Once I signed up for a total of $10,000 it went south for the winter and ended up losing $18000 in sign up fees and the bank that they lost. The software they gave me never worked and in early 2014, they disappeared.

When I stumbled across Bettortrader on Facebook last year and read all the comments on the page and on Twitter, I visited the site which I found to be quite refreshing and without all the hype that I found on other sites. It was obvious that it has been around for a very long time and has great support from the customers. I even spoke to one of them through the Facebook page who was very helpful. I spent a few months coming back to it for another look before finally signing up to the 3mth package.

What really attracted me was the subscriptions because to be honest and with respect that I now know is due, I couldn't bring myself to believe that any system worked well enough to justify the huge sums asked for by the others. If it wasn't for being able to try it out and pay as I go, I wouldn't have done it. Well I'm 7mths in now and I'm truly amazed by both the support offered by the business and also by the fact that it works as well as it does.

I can certainly appreciate why you insist on training and without it I can't see how anyone could make it work. It's a funny thing you know. You'd think that paying big money means getting the best service, the best returns and the best technology but the Bettortrader software and business offers more than any of the high priced services that I've seen or been a part of and for a fraction of the money.

Kevin, I don't know how you do it but I'm glad that you do. I feel that if anyone has something as good as you offer, then they should all offer the payment options that you do. That way the customer doesn't lose out as much if it doesn't work for them and only happy ones stay on. It's obvious why most of them don't do it - because they don't work so they try and get as much as they can at the start. Congratulations on a job well done.

Cameron Irving, NZ

"my own little gold mine"

Thanks for putting me on to Singapore Kevin. I know you and others have been onto it for a couple of years and see all the chat stuff about it. It just looked so messy to me compared to the local markets but once you showed me what to look for, it stands out like a sore thumb now. It's been great because I work most days so the nights on Singapore and Hong Kong have become my own little gold mine. As you know I couldn't really make it work at first because of my new job making me work Saturdays so it's been great to get more training to learn about them [EDIT: Singapore and Hong Kong races].

I tried to tell a few mates at work about some of the dividends I've been picking up and their eyes glazed over. I invited two of them over to have a look last Friday night. Race 2 at Singapore showed two selections paying huge money so I said I'm jumping on. One of them gave me $50 to put on for him and said if one of them comes in he'll call you to buy the software and buy me a carton of beer. I put 5/20 win and place on both of them and one placed at $8 and very nearly won at $36! We all did a few cartwheels around my lounge room.

Then the next race came up and this time had three selections and I said I'm taking all three of them. My mate told me to put his profit on from the last race and I said I have to stick to 1/5 ratio for win and place. His $160 profit plus $50 he gave me was $210 so I put 10/50 on all three selections. One of them won paying $19 win and $4.70 place and one of the other two came 3rd paying $5.40. We cleaned up mate. Anyway I asked him this week if he called you yet and he said he hasn't but he will soon. Thanks again mate for all your hard work and commitment to your customers.

Adrian Fowler, NSW

"Transparent business with a passion for what they do"

Hi Kev.

Thanks for getting in touch again and for giving me so much help over the past year or so and yes I'd love to share my story for your testimonials. Well I did say that I would go away and try to put what you've taught me into practice so after 8mths since we did all that training, it's probably about time that I let you know how things are going anyway.

First though, my apologies for being so difficult early on. You were right, I didn't put in any effort to learn at the start and to be honest I probably didn't fully appreciate the experience that you have in this area. I thought I could go at it alone after a couple of training sessions but after 6mths and a big hole where my bank used to be, I knew I was on the wrong track.

One thing that will always amaze me is how much you cared about how things were going. Most businesses would leave people to their own devices and carry on but every week I would get an email or a Skype message almost pleading with me to do some training. Since we really got into it back in December, I've stuck to the rules and actually found them really easy to follow.

I haven't made a million dollars yet mind you but I started with $2000 bank and now just on 8mths later, I've made a little under $10,000 and I've never been happier.  I've been running the auto as well on the days you told me and that's also been good but as you say, the win/place is so easy to do and really is the most reliable and gets the best returns. Anyway Kev, thanks again. Exciting news about the new software. Keep me updated please and don't worry, I'm going great now thanks to you.

Alan Lumb, NSW

"simple, to the point, well thought out, highly profitable"

Bettortrader is simple, to the point, well thought out and for me, highly profitable. As a long time Bettortrader customer and one who used to be very active in the group chats and forums, I have spoken with several people who have struggled with Bettortrader and there always seems to be two common threads - people not keeping it simple and people not doing enough training early on. My advice is simple - do adequate training, paper trade your account for long enough to see if what you're doing is profitable and be patient.

Bob Flannigan, SA

"I am making a small profit each week"

I found the software easy to operate and the strategies taught to profit from the software have been easy to follow. I am now almost at the end of my first year and it has been a positive experience. The training is very helpful and I would have be lost without it. I am making a small profit each week using for part time using around six hours in total on my days off.

Nguyen Tran, NSW

"the returns are quite reliable"

I was asked to write a few words about my experiences but it turned out to be a book. Bettortrader really has played such a huge role in our lives since early 2010. As I write this, I still find it hard to believe that it's 2015. It has been very enjoyable thanks to Kevin and his team.

The first year was harder because we didn't have enough time and didn't do enough training which caused quite a few ups and downs, mostly downs. My husband was the main buyer and I didn't have much interest in at first. He wasn't as disciplined as he should have been and thought he could get away with doing just a few training sessions during the first month. Over the coming 6mths or so,  I would often hear him cursing on the computer and it didn't sound like he was enjoying himself at all. He gave up after less than a year.

After a few months of not doing anything with it at all, I decided to take some interest in it and got in touch with Kevin to discuss the best way forward. I did a few months training and things improved dramatically. It just goes to show what a little commitment and patience can do which I feel are vital to the ongoing success.

We have a great system that we can operate together but I will always be the main user now. My dear hubby has too short of a fuse and I understand what Kevin means when he says we can't all be good at all things. We only use it a few days each week which is more than enough for us and the returns are quite reliable but when we retire in a few years, this is going to be our little full time venture. We're really looking forward to the new software and the year ahead. Thanks again, Kevin.

Kathy and Greg Moore, NSW

"my expectations have been exceeded on every level"

The most appealing thing to me at first was the complete lack of BS that other companies were hammering me with and the monthly subscriptions gave me confidence too. Since buying over a year ago, my expectations have been exceeded on every level.

Stephen O'Leary, QLD

"serious professionals"

I understand that it can be a tough business, Kev but you offer a breath of fresh air and a genuine, highly valuable alternative to the usual fray of supposed money making ventures out there. Those who genuinely wish to be involved in this arena and decide to go with your business are in the most capable hands in the industry as far as I'm concerned.

After being with your guys for 3yrs now, I can honestly say that Bettortrader has changed my life. As you know, I can only do Friday night, Saturday and Sunday which has ended up a nice earner for me. I enjoyed your training and webinars immensely and I put my level of early success down to the wisdom you impart throughout them.

You're a serious professional in an industry tainted by fly-by-night operators and get rich quick pedlars which is going to be hard work at times but what you do for people is fantastic. While it's impossible to please all of the people all of the time and there will always be someone ready to blame the world for their own undoing, you should never lose site of the value that your customers get from the commitment you give to them. Keep it up and never sell yourself short. 

Theo P, VIC

"best service I have seen in my 35yrs trading"

NO pointless pretty frills, NO promises of instant riches and NO huge price tags, all while giving me the best results I have ever seen from any system and the most unbelievable support and customer care I have seen from ANY company in ANY industry. Simply put, it is the very best service I have seen in my 35yrs trading financial markets and professional betting, both of which are incorporated into one quite profitable little system.

Michael Taylor - Singapore

'it's now my sole income

The only reason that I ever knew about anything like this is because I was approached by a company who were trying to sell an automatic lay betting software for $16,000. I looked at it with someone else who decided against it and I couldn't do it on my own. Aside from finding it hard to believe it was worth that much, I just couldn't afford it or more to the point, I couldn't afford to lose it if it didn't work. That was back in mid 2008. I came on board with Bettortrader early February 2009 after looking at them for a few months and I haven't looked back.

I was convinced for several compelling reasons. The price of it, the absence of dreamy pictures on their website and rubbish sales puff, the transparency of the business, the software itself, their knowledge, length of time they were around at the time, how far the staff go to make sure you're making money with all the training and webinars and the fact that the owner and guru is always there for his customers instead of hiding away in an office somewhere. I didn't live trade for 3 months and I didn't start making money to speak of for about 6 months for various reasons but now it's my sole income thanks to the help of Kevin and the Bettortrader staff.

My brother-in-law bought the one that I was looking at in late 2009 because they offered him a discount so that he 'only' paid $10,000 upfront. Then they closed down overnight early in 2010 and he is still paying off the debt after losing his 10k plus a 5k bank. His wife still gets into him for not believing me and she won't have a bar of any more racing programs until he pays off the debt but she has seen what I do a few times now and they can't wait to jump on with Bettortrader.

One word of advice for those looking around: paying top dollar usually means paying for a flashy sales spiel with more promises that can't be kept.

Jeff Sullivan - Sydney NSW

"the market standout for these products"

Before purchasing Bettortrader i looked at several of the competitors products which were no where near the value and in all cases were not as advanced. 

Bettortrader gives the user total control whether they be novice or advanced, clear displays, easy to use functions, features not even considered in other programs. The assistance and support is on going and updates have come in a timely manner.  Their vision for the future of the program is state of the art and the price simply cannot be rivaled. Well done to kevin and the team and keep up the good work. 

Baden Collett - VIC

"The BettorTrader Racing software has to be seen to be believed"

Hello Kev,
       Very much appreciate your time today. The new software is fantastic !!! Hereunder is our testimonial, please delete if there are too many words. Hope it is of assistance to you . 
        The Bettor Trader Racing software has to be seen to be believed. This software offers the alternatives of Dutch, Standard (win & place ) and Exotics including Trifecta, Quinella and Exacta betting. It also includes a Money Manager facility, a great aid in managing your investments, a record of all transactions made, and the desirable ability to invest on all TAB'S. Very importantly, the system includes a facility for auto betting by the software when all the relevant criteria for investing has been met This alone is a truly amazing concept and without doubt absolutely " mind blowing ". We have used other racing programs and have no doubt that this is the "Rolls Royce " of all software products. 
         The Director Kevin Riddell and the staff at Bettor Trader are very customer orientated, and are always friendly, courteous and helpful. It is a pleasure to do business with them. 
          We thoroughly recommend the Bettor Trader Program and Software. 
           Perry & Ali Landy - Hunter Valley NSW


"The product developed by BT, the training, mentorship and ongoing support is second to none" 

We are relatively new to BettorTrader (BT) and understand the apprehension of prospective clients.  For many years we have been interested in this type of trading but until now were unable to find a system that we believed would offer excellent support and good returns. 

The product developed by BT, the training, mentorship and ongoing support is second to none.  The comprehensive one-on-one and group training sessions will have you quickly up and running as a trader in the racing industry.  If you master the basics and remain disciplined, you will be handsomely rewarded.  BT is a program that includes lifetime upgrades, training and support; a commitment that is unheard of elsewhere. 

To Kevin and the entire BT team, thank you for being so accessible, dedicated to training and the continual development of a first class product. 

Michael & Bernadette Nott - Sale VIC


"Kevin and his team will bend over backwards..."

Hello there, my name is Trevor Scott, I live on Rottnest Island WA and joined Bettor Trader in April 2009.
I have no hesitation in recommending this software program to anyone who is interested in creating an extra income. This is a business and on whatever scale you wish to operate, should be treated as such. It will require discipline, self control and patience, but you can have so much fun along the way.
The biggest mistake some of us make when first starting out is to over trade, and I was no different, but through gaining an insight into how this program works, consistent results will come your way. How much you will earn and how quickly you will earn it, is entirely up to the individual. Kevin and his team will bend over backwards to help those that are willing to learn. My personal motto is " the more you learn, the more you will earn"
Some will ask " if this program is so good, why doesn't he keep it to himself ", the answer is simple. He has such a passion and love for what he does, that the biggest buzz he gets out of the business is to see his clients reaping the rewards of their investments.
With a major software upgrade coming online mid year along with the regular webinars, chat sessions and forums, this year shapes up as the best ever.
To Kev and Bec, a big thank you
Trevor, WA

The following email was sent to us by a member regarding the anonymous attacks on certains forums that are an obvious strategic campaign to discredit Bettortrader and the director, Kevin Riddell.  It shows an email sent to one such anonymous poster which can be found below. Regards, Admin.


Hi Kev,
Sad to hear about all the bad stuff that you are going through now, you must be hurting real bad.
For what it's worth, and from what I've read on our chat line, you have plenty of support from those who need you and love you the most.  Take consolation from that and try (I know it's difficult) to ignore all that negative BS.
We need you and we believe in you and the system, so concentrate on the good vibes and let those with anonymous and malicious gripes wallow in their own pit of despair.
On a positive note, my wife and I will be grand parents any day now.  I will be down on the Coast again from the 24th to the 27th of August so I'll try to catch up with you again.  Also, whoever says that Bec is ugly obviously hasn't seen her. She's hot.
Kind regards,
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 11:02 PM
Subject: Re Bettortrader
I don't know who you are, but to say that Bettortrader is a fool proof method of winning races, is something that you would not hear from Kevin Riddell.
Apart from the odd Melbourne Cup sweep, I have never bet on horses, trotters or dogs prior to purchasing the Bettortrader software.
Using this program I find that I can pick winners quite often, not always, but often enough to see a profit over a week.
What Kevin teaches, and this instruction is available at any time, is to be patient and conservative with your investment bank, and try to become an astute trader and not a mug punter, which sadly is what 95% of Joe public are.
This program is not for those who set unrealistic goals and Kevin is very up front with this from day one.
I have been a Bettortrader client for 6 months now and for the first two months I was a mug punter until I woke up to the fact that the software is great if you used wisely, as Kevin and his trainers instruct.
Of course the program is not fool proof.
At the end of the day we are talking about animals running around a track.  No one can predict what they will do on a given day, and neither does Kevin Riddell, but what the program does do, is give the user enough information to make an educated investment and more often than not, select a winner.  I've done it heaps of times and I'm getting better every day.
I think you are wrong to call Bettortrader a scam, it is a tool that can assist one in making sound investments in the racing industry.  Used carefully and wisely, it is not unreasonable to begin to generate a significant passive income.
Keith Whittemore.  Townsville, QLD.

"how could you be  a “nay sayer’...?"

I’ve been around or mixed up with horse racing  since I was five years old,a product of my grandmothers passion for daily doubles and quinellas.I think I put my first bet on when I was 9 years old.But apart from being a “punter” I’ve also been a owner ,breeder,strapper and semi pro punter(in my early 20’s- both kids  I call that time BC).

So when I stumbled across Bettortrader while “surfing” the net one day, I thought this makes sense.If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over my years associated with racing is that the “money trail” is the best indication for backing winners consistently(apart from reliable info from the stables- trust me all trainers are not smart).

The information that the Bettortrader programme provides puts you right in the que with the best possible insight –the strength of the money.

I bought the programme in Nov 2009 and started live betting on 17th Dec 2009,with my first three bets being successful- 3 trifecta’s!!!!

Got a bit cocky after that and had more downs then ups,but the quality of the training that Kevin provides is excellent and if you listen and learn you will enjoy success.It’s the quality of the bets that’s important not the quantity and  Kevin’s training into knowing when not to bet is very important and has saved me lots of heartache especially when I started to listen to it and realise the vast experience he has with this wonderfull programme.

After last Saturday 19th March 2010 how could you be  a “nay sayer’.

Brisbane: Growsir  won

                  Citiwyse won

                  Bevagna  won


Sydney:   Night of the Generals  placed

                Masquerader won

                Alverta  won

                Gold Water  placed

                Descardo  placed

Melbourne: Domesky  placed

                Elumino won

                Fanjura  won

                Electromotive  placed

               Morgan Dollar placed

Adelaide: No Evidence Needed placed

               Rostova won

               Believe in More  won

              Ocsmepop  placed

These were just my bets. I have no hesitation in recommending this amazing programme to anyone how wants to get “serious” about winning on the horses. I’ve never bet on the dogs in my life but when the programme helped me back nine winners one night recently I was absolutely “Goobsmacked’ Just magic but you must use the wonderfull training the Kevin offers if you go it alone you will suffer and have no one to blame but yourself.

Paul Rowen - Toowoomba QLD

"I'm happy to say that this is by far the best trading software around..."

I've been involved with Kevin and BettorTrader software for a good 7 months now and I'm happy to say that this is by far the best trading software around. It started off as an investment for a decision making tool, but through the guidance and support from Kevin and his great staff I can confidently say that from my experience this program has evolved well into a Profit generating tool.

There are so many ways in which the program can be customised to the individual's trading criteria and tendencies. Excellent training was and is still being provided to refine my skills in using the software and making the correct decisions. I've had little to no experience in the Racing Industry prior to joining BettorTrader and probably don't need it as the system provides enough Cues and Indicators to let me know a Good Investment vs a Bad Investment

Results wise there are countless times I've been able to profit from Trifecta wins using this software, at least 5 of these being $1000 + returns. This is now even made easier by automating selections.

The best thing about the system is I only need to be using it for a limited time each day to make my desired Profit target, and with the Money Manager feature this will make tracking much more simpler.

I highly recommend BettorTrader as trading software which is simple to use and very successful. I look forward to seeing more innovations to come from future developments of the program.

I love the enhancements. According to Money Manager and my trifecta criteria I would have profited well over 2K and 3K Melbourne Cup day last year. Definitely looking forward to training at 12.

cya then,

Ray - Sydney

"I've reached my daily target three times today and have nothing but high praise of your software and personal backup..."

Hello, my name is Gary Howard and I live in western Victoria. 

Over many years I have purchased literally thousands of dollars of racing systems, telephone and Internet tipping services. Nothing matches the BettorTrader software that I purchased from Kevin Riddell.

Kevin Riddell markets a total package that includes one on one training for as long as it takes to master the software. BettorTrader also includes a chat room that enables traders to share ideas and successes.

And by the way, you don't need to be a first rate form analyst to run BettorTrader. Thanks to Kevin Riddell and BettorTrader I am a very happy horse race investor. I am delighted to recommend this product to anyone who wants to make betting on the dogs, harness racing and thoroughbred racing a profitable and enjoyable venture.

Thank you and sincere regards,
Gary Howard, Western Victoria

Gary's personal note to Kevin:


After I spoke to you today things went great. I went auto for an hour and reached my target of $200, I went solo next time around and picked up another $283. Went back to auto and got another $287.

I've reached my daily target three times today and have nothing but high praise of your software and personal backup.

How can I help you promote your amazing program?
I just love the program and enjoy our chats.
I'm a pretty good judge of character. You more than meet my criteria.
It's an excellent program Kev.

Best regards,

Gary H - Horsham VIC

"I cannot believe the money made!"

Hey Kev,

I suppose you know but BettorTrader went ballistic today. I cannot believe the money made!  Must have paid for itself a couple of times over and I will be getting drunk tonight. So many winners! I am waiting for a call from the TABs to tell me I am banned! LOL. I hope you and the other members did well.

All the best,

talk to you later.

anonymous by request - (2011)

"Follow the rules, make the money. End of story."

Hi there, my name is Pete, I am from New Zealand.

I am a BettorTrader client. I have been involved with Bettortrader and Kevin Ridell for approximately 9 months. For 3 months, I tested every racing software programme I could find and in the end decided to Purchase Bettortrader.

Why, some would ask and the answer is easy. Kevin would be one of the most honest & genuine guys I have had the pleasure to know and do business with. I have been around for my 3 score and more so have seen the others. The large Bonus is the software, It works. The horses need to co-operate as well of course, but we all know that.

The Software has gone from better to fantastic in the time I have been involved. It is an ongoing project and there are more enhancements on the way, but at this time it is in my opinion the very best out there.

I wish Kevin & his family all the best for an assured future.

He does have a wonderful product in BettorTrader, that makes the dollars roll in. I hear you say, "Yeah right." Well, it is right. Follow the rules, make the money. End of story.

Peter Turnbull, New Zealand

"My wife loves it as well, she gets to spend all the money."

Hi, my name is Jatin Bhai.

I've been using BettorTrader now for over a year and have found it to be great.

By sticking to the rules and using Dutch bets on Saturdays I make a good profit and at the same time have a lot of fun.

My wife loves it as well, she gets to spend all the money.

I would recommend this product to anyone.

Thank you.

Jatin Bhai, New Zealand

"The system we are using today is many times more sophisticated and effective than the system we bought less than one year ago."

This serves to inform the reader that we have been using the above program since early January 2007. Not only has the BETTORTRADER system performed as advertised, and verbally explained by the Director, it has far exceeded our expectations! The system we are using today is many times more sophisticated and effective than the system we bought less than one year ago. This is because of a multitude of add-ons as well as technical & operational improvements which we have received this year, all as part of our original purchase.

BETTORTRADER's Customer Service, including system training and support, is absolutely magnificent. There will be very few, if any, companies that can even come close to the level of support achieved by the BETTORTRADER staff and management.

We highly recommend the BETTORTRADER system.

Rob Albert, Port Macquarie, NSW

"I can confidently say, that in a short period of time, it is possible to create an income stream that could supplement or even replace most peoples weekly income."

Having been using the Bettortrader software for some 5 months now I have been asked to give a testimonial, warts and all, about my thoughts as to the value of this program. 

The training offered by Kevin and his trainers is by far the most valuable asset that the program provides.  Although in my case I thought I could get straight into trading with minimal training, I started to use the software from day one.  Even though it was strongly suggested that I practice for at least a month.
As a result, even though I was having some success with the software I was not getting the full benefits such as consistent winnings.  I was up and down like a yo-yo.
Finally I woke up to the fact that I should listen to the experts.  
Following their advice and wisdom, I am now slowly but surely reaping the rewards from this amazing program.  It is not the be all and end all of trading in this industry, there are always risks, but a big part of the training is learning how to manage that risk and greatly increase the returns on your investments. Quality investments instead of quantity investments.
Follow the trainers' advice, be patient, set realistic goals, don't be greedy.
I can confidently say, that in a short period of time, it is possible to create an income stream that could supplement or even replace most peoples weekly income.
The software and the training are a system that works.  Don't go it alone.  Use the system and it will work for you too.

Keith Whittemore, Queensland

"The package has consistently grown and developed"

Looking forward to receiving Version 6, the whole concept sounds very exciting. The package has consistently grown and developed over the 9 months since I signed up and I have been delighted with the performance over that time.

After 3 months of paper trading and many excellent 1 on 1 training sessions I began betting for real and over the last 6 months have been able to draw a reasonable living. I now have the confidence to increase my investment amounts and start to reel in the benefits of Bettertrader.

Kevin, thank you very much for being so accessible and committed to training and also to the team behind you who are doing a mighty job supporting you and development of your first class product.

Grant Coller - Melbourne Victoria

"Bettortrader is a serious business with service, support and system updates unmatched by competitors in this field."

Dear Kevin & Rebecca,

There are many ways to make money. Mostly it requires hard work, dedication and brains. When you purchase BettorTrader's racing software you are not buying a toy or video game. This is a serious business and is unique as it allows you to combine business with pleasure. 

Bettortrader is a serious business with service, support and system updates unmatched by competitors in this field.To be successful in this business you need special skills of patience, impetuosity control and a good memory. The training provided by this company is generous, professional and availble to all users.

Let the computer do most of the work but look at indicators early on the money screen. Don't bet below your expected margins and always remember the good advice from Mitch at your previous training sessions.

I hope you keep going from strength to strength, make a mint for yourselves and keep giving your clients the same opportunity. How time passes, is it almost three years?

Rick Bichler, South Australia

"We were quickly surprised at how easy and user friendly the program was to learn and also how simple it can be to make a supplementary income"

My wife and I were looking at investing in a franchise and could only find business’s that required us to work 50 plus hours per week to get pretty average returns. In our search we came across Bettor Trader. We were bit skeptical at first but decided to take the plunge into the world of horse and dog racing.

Having never punted before we were quickly surprised at how easy and user friendly the program was to learn and also how simple it can be to make a supplementary income (and that is only working the program for a few hours on a Saturday!) We have also invested thousands of dollars in trying to master options on the stock market and found we had a major lack of support.

Bettor trader offer life time support and upgrades and they will hold your hand each step of the way to see you make consistent returns. This is not a get rich quick scheme and Bettor trader do not claim this at all like some crazy online businesses do.

Bettor Trader has a big thumbs up from both of us

Chris & Kelly Ross, Queensland


Hi Kev,

I was just not able to get to the webinar last week. I am sorry to do this to you but could you please give me a lesson some time on the missed webinar. I will certainly be attending the others. I also wanted to offer my testimony if you need it for any purposes to counter the poison that has been aired on the web about you.

I have had a few days off from BettorTrader and caught up on some quality time with my mother and grandson. It has been good. I hope we can catch up some time for a more social time. My work commitments are fairly heavy at this time of the year but I will have time off in December and January. After that I am thinking of retiring and will be able to enjoy Bettortrader more than ever.

I saw from Skype that your last Webinar was very much appreciated and I am truly sorry I missed it. I hope you don't mind a catch up on that lesson however I will look on the website to find a recording if you have manged to do one. I found your last tip about the home TAB indications to be very lucrative and I hope to pursue that angle some more in the future. You made the point that late indications on a relative outsider were often very reliable especially if they were unique and on the home TAB. I have had some more thoughts  for the next version of the software and will write to you about them later. Hope to meet you this week on Thursday after the and at the next Webinar

Brian - Brisbane QLD

"These guys are really here to help"

We have been using BT for approx 5 months now with the first 3 and half months just learning and paper trading.  First of all, the support is a lot better than we expected and the quality of training is great.  These guys are really here to help.  

The paper trades were going really well after the first 3 1/2 months so we went live and i can tell you that our account is up over 40% in 6 weeks.  I have traded stocks, forex and options and never been able to get such great returns.  

Adrian & Lauren
- Melbourne Victoria



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